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The History of Palestine in Arab Cinema By Saleh Dabah
3:00 PM15:00

The History of Palestine in Arab Cinema By Saleh Dabah

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About the Lecture:

saleh dabah hiff lecture

The lecture traces the representation of Palestine and the character of the Palestinian in Arab feature films, through monitoring and analyzing the division of roles, casting, and genres. The presentation will examine the changes that have occured in Arab cinema and its relevance to the political and historical events in the Arab world. The lecture will be accompanied by a presentation of Arabic filmography.


About Saleh Dabah:

Saleh Dabah Haifa Independent film festival

Saleh Dabbah is a film researcher and writer. His articles have been published in various Palestinian and Arab newspapers around the Middle East. Saleh focuses in the history of Arab cinema and it’s intersections with artistic production and their social and political contexts. To create a cultural and cinematographic discourse, Saleh has hosted the TV program, “Kalakit” though the Palestinian channel, Al Arabi TV, where he interviewed an extensive group of Palestinian filmmakers and members of the film industry.  Saleh holds a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Jerusalem and a magistere in film and culture studies from Haifa.

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