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HIFF 2018
Official Selection

Here is our official selection of titles screening.



Sheikh Jackson Haifa Independent Film Festival 2018.jpg

A film by Amr Salama

INSYRIATED Haifa Independent film festival hiff

A film by Phillippe Van Leeuw

Wajib Haifa Independent Film festival hiff

A film by Annemarie Jacir

much loved hiff haifa

A film by Nabil Ayouch

photocopy Haifa independent film festival

A film by Tamer Ashry



A film by Raed Andoni

A film by Fernando Romero Forsthuber

A film by Feras Fayyad

A film by Theresa Traore Dahlberg

 Burkinabe Rising: the art of resistance in Burkina Faso

A Film by Lara Lee

What Happened in The Tent

A film by Majd Khalifeh & Roel Nollet

A film by Karim Sayad

HIFF 3rd Edition Haifa.png

The Art of Moving

A film by Liliana de Sousa

A Maid for Each

A film by Maher Abi Samra

Gaza Surf Club

A film by Philip Gnadt & Mickey Yamin


A film by Djamel Kerkar


A documentary by Arantza Diez,David David Fontseca


Borders and Promises

A film by OTOXO Productions



ticho hiff haifa


A film by Adriana Ronquillo

Rapture Haifa independent film festival


A film by Yassmina Karajah

TAXI-SISTER-film Haifa festival

Taxi Sisters

A documentary by Theresa Traore Dahlberg

roof knocking gaza sina salimi hiff

Roof Knocking

A short film By Sina Salimi

AndAnImage was born firas khoury hiff

And an Image was Born

A short film by Firas Khoury

aida hiff 2018.jpg


A film by Maysoon Elmassry

02-In the future they ate from the finest porcelain HIFF 2018.jpg

In the Future 

they Ate from the Finest Porcelain

A film by Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind

Swing hiff haifa


A film by Shadi Habib Allah

yfwb100yo haifa hiff festival film

Your Father was Born 100 Years Old, and so was the Nakba

A short film by Razan AlSalah

Mare nostrum haifa independent film festival

Mare Nostrum

A film by Rana Kazkaz, Anas Khalaf

ten bell tolls elie riziq Haifa film festival hiff

Ten Bell Tolls

A film by Eli Rezik

Haifa Independent Film between two deaths

Between Two Deaths

A film by Amir Fakhreddin

madam el haifa hiff film

Madam El

A film by Laila Abbas

ubder the robes haifa independent film festival

Under the Robes

A film by Michel Zarazir

the day my father dies hiff haifa independent film festival

The Day My Father Dies

A film by Nayef Hammoud


Memory of a Fish Hiff Haifa

Memory of Fish

A film by Yousef Salhi

A-DROWNING-MAN-HIFF Haifa 2018.jpg

A Drowning Man

A film by Mahdi Fleifel

Bonbone Haifa Independent Film Festival


A film by Rakan Mayasi

The crossing Haifa independent film festival.jpg

The Crossing

A film by Ameen Nayefeh

The rifle the jackel Haifa independent film festival

The Rifle,

The Jackale,

The Wolf

and The Boy

A film by Oualid Mouaness

the shutter haifa film festival

The Shutter

A film by Bilal Krunz





Khashabi Theatre is an independent cultural organization founded in Haifa, Khashabi works towards a Palestinian society that freely practices art and creativity as a natural right, and strives to renew its cultural identity by putting independent culture at its heart.

Address: Khashabi, Corner of Shivat Tsion 21, Haifa.


Alternative Pub


Event and performance venue and an alternative pub founded by Jazar Crew. Kabareet hosts local and international Music concerts, as well as promoting underground DJs and alternative music.

Address: Kabareet, Sderot Ha-Meginim 40, Haifa.

Kabareet Logo Haifa Ayed Fadel.jpg

Arts & Culture Lab


Manjm Logo Haifa Rana Asali.jpg

Manjm is a "Temporary Autonomous Zone" Haifa-based non commercial art space forwarded to stimulate contemporary creation, inter-disciplinary exhibition projects, educational values, and critical theory.

Address: Manjm, Hakattar 1, Haifa.



Al Midan

Almidan Theater Haifa Logo HIFF.jpg

Haifa Arab theater founded in 1994, and since then it became a cultural center and theatrical space for fringe groups working in the Haifa area, as well as the largest theatrical institution for the local Arab population. Yet due to Israeli government restrictions, Al Midan was forced to stop most of its activities.

Address: Al Midan, Khuri St 2, Haifa.


Production Project


Masaha Logo.jpg

Massaha is a production project that supports Independent Artistic Projects and the creation of new creative spaces.

Address: Masaha, HaBankim St 7, Haifa.


Music Bar


A Palestinian space and bar based on feminism and art in Haifa. The Scene is considered to be the first Palestinian venue in Haifa run by women and aims to create diverse cultural projects reaching various sectors of society while bringing them together in one safe and nonviolent setting.

Address: Scene, Sderot HaMeginim 37, Haifa.

Scene Music Bar Haifa Logo.jpg
The Arab Culture Association Logo.jpg

The Arab Culture Association is an independent non-profit organization. Established in 1998 as the initiative of a group of intellectuals, academics and political activists aiming to strengthen Arab culture and identity for Palestinians living in Israel.

Address: Arabca, 14 Y.L. Peretz Street, Haifa


Hosted at Haifa Independent Film Festival HIFF 2018
Organized by Palestine FilM Club
Saturday, March 24th, 15:00, Khashabi Theatre

Many Palestinian filmmakers, producer, talents and musicians make marvelous work in isolation from one another. Palestine Film Club believes there is a great need for active networking sessions amongst this demographic.

We saw Haifa Film Festival in its 3rd edition as a great opportunity to host this initiative, for the second time.

The meetup will last for about 4 hours which mainly consist of mingling and exchange of ideas, business cards and life experiences.

Following the mingle session, participants are requested to participate in an open mic session in which they promote their projects in progress, or sign up during the meetup for a pitching session that takes place simultaneously to the networking event.

Palestine Film Club logo HIFF.png

In order to participate please fill the form below

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Phone *
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