The lack of space and more importantly, freedom of expression in state-funded projects, prompted us  to seek alternatives. It all started when we, a group of young Palestinian artists, activists and filmmakers decided to make our own film festival. Its mission is to contribute towards the development of cinema and enhancement of the film industry in Palestine, as well as to bridge between ourselves and the inaccessible Arab region due to the complexity of our situation.

We were so amazed of how the festival (volunteer based) has been well received by the local Palestinian community, and by the number of people who volunteered and collaborated with us to make it happen, even many of the films were given for free by the directors themselves.

Our idea was that all of the films chosen are specifically independent of Israeli governmental and institutional funding. In order to avoid political pressure, as happened with the cases of various Palestinian arts and cultural projects funded by Israeli government.

Finally in March 2016 the first ever Haifa Independent Film Festival was created!