The Haifa Independent Film Festival aspires to create a cultural crossing between Haifa and unreachable, prohibited parts of the Arab world - allowing a leap out of our inner and inter-cultural voids that have been prevalent for too long.

Within Palestine, there are multiple productions of pictures that are screened annually in front of international audiences. The Haifa Independent Film Festival is the first to  host a local stage for these local talents: the prominent, the emerging, and the unacknowledged.

Spanning over a week long celebration in the heart of Haifa’s Alternative cultural space, HIFF is an exciting exchange of truly extraordinary cinema. Stretching over several Palestinian venues in Haifa, HIFF brings forth an exposé of works ranging from newly released films from Palestine and the Arab world to pictures from past decades.

To further encourage discourse amongst its audiences, year after year, HIFF pursues new ways to introduce more people to the most original and authentic storytelling.

HIFF invites filmmakers and experts to present their work through a series of workshops and masterclasses, followed by cultural and festive events - all of which culminate in one week of non-stop cinema, culture, and atmosphere.   


An Independent Project

HIFF’s autonomy and self-reliance stems from the need for cultural activism that is free from government interference and censorship. Through collective work, HIFF strives to demonstrate the power of independency and the determination that there is no need for institutionalisation. HIFF works as a voluntary independent group with the support and cooperation of the local community.


Our Mission

To provide cultural outreach to the surrounding community as well as to expand reach-out, appreciation, and cultural relevance of films and the art of storytelling and cinematography.

To present  unique masterpieces that receive little or no visibility anywhere else in our localities with focus on Arab films, and other international selections that speak our language both literally and metaphorically to be enjoyed by international and local audience.

To create an environment where local filmmakers and their films are the priority.

To create festivity and cultural happenings in one of Palestine's and the Arab world’s most emerging cultural capitals.

To answer to the needs of the hundreds who support HIFF by applicating their  demand of taking advantage of independent spaces in Haifa that have been neglected and unused to be turned into a place for cultural capacity building and exchange.

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Our Vision

The expansion of an annual low budget volunteer based film festival that will continue to grow and expand with the efforts of collective work from the local community and the support of international communities determination to make Haifa a main stage for cinema and a main target for Arab directors and producers.

To establish Haifa as a place that is not solely for watching films, but a cultural and social hubspace, a place to learn more about film; a space for other forms of art to reach new audiences, and a place for local filmmakers to produce and exhibit their work.

To create the largest worldwide gathering of filmmakers and film lovers, with a long-term goal to establish a new permanent independent and autonomous cinema and a meeting point for cinema lovers in the city of Haifa.

The creation of an independent cultural autonomy by taking advantage of neglected independent Palestinian venues and spaces for the purpose of creating a cultural discourse through activities that include cinematography and other forms of art including discussions and educational awareness about the future of Haifa’s cultural movement.

To challenge mainstream politics and geographic borders by creating bridges that will eventually make Haifa a legitimate part of the Arab world on both a cultural and social level with the goal of cooperation and joint work on productions between cultural actors Haifa and neighboring Arab cities.